Mia’s Dress – Fashion Design of the Month

This is sort of continuation or glimpse inside of making the dress that I presented on a fashion show and you’ve already seen few photos in my previous post. But I want you to know everything that this dress represents. From the idea to the person wearing it.  


It was in late December of 2016, I was with Mia and few friends in Ljubljana shopping, but mostly just trying on expensive dresses and shoes that we couldn’t afford. And Mia came across this 700€ dress, with a beautiful pleated skirt and very girly top with collar. Mia tried it on, she spinned and that was the moment both of us just fell in love with the movement of this dress, colours and material. Although we didn’t like the top that made her look like a 12 years old school girl, we left the store with wow-that-skirt-is-so-beautiful-wow kind of feeling.

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It was a few months later, I think March or April when Mia was talking about attending a wedding in June. She obviously needed a dress and just like that we had a deal: “Yeah, let’s just make a dress!” We knew that we wanted the same skirt that we saw on that dress a few months ago and that we want a completely different upper part. We discussed ideas, styles and talked about what Mia wants and what I’m able to make.


We wanted to drift away from the style we’ve seen in a store – a girly look with a cute collar. We were going for more elegant and strong feminine look. To find a pattern I searched through patterns magazines from a few decades ago and I found the right one in Burda from 1990. And because Mia was, I could say, my first client, I didn’t want anything to be a coincidence. I made a sample of this off-shoulder top that she tried on, to make sure that she likes it. She approved! The work could start!


I started with the upper part. And problems began with the first seam. The fabric was too stretchy for my machine so all the seams had to be double, to prevent any holes or ripping. I previously learned that in situations like these, panicking is the worst thing you can do. Breathe deep and focus your mind on solutions not freaking out. After first fitting, the upper part was like sculpted to Mia’s torso. The next part was the skirt – long-lasting process worth every hour of work, unsewing and resewing.


Mia was a big part of making this dress. Not only she came to fittings whenever I wanted and she beared through all the pricks of pins (I am sorry for causing fear of pins), she also provided me with great advice and solutions in moments when I needed them. I call that a successful duo! She was also an amazing company in days of making this dress. I really couldn’t wish for a better first client.


It’s navy blue pleated dress. The skirt is made out of white tulle and blue cotton which is strengthened for better stability and form. Alternating tulle and cotton provide the strength of the skirt as well as the lightness of the dress that can create the beautiful rounded form of the skirt when Mia spins. Off-shoulder pattern takes care for more daring and elegant look that is perfect for styling with a statement necklace.

However, in this case, we wanted to move away from elegant, formal look that this dress primary is. We removed flowers and paired it with black Adidas sneakers. At the end, both looks are an expression of Mia’s vibrant personality and who she is. This is how I would describe Mia. Sporty, daring, fun and joyful person that sometimes just want to be a pretty woman, dancing through the night and spinning in a beautiful dress made just for her.

Thank you for a chance, Mia! It was a pleasure making this dress for you!

Spread love, Maja

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

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Photos by Špela Skubic




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