Best of 2016 // Project 366

This year was one complicated, overwhelming, interesting, exciting year and so much more. It was one big project. It was a big year in terms of self-realization, facing problems, knowing new people, learning new skills, failing and getting up again, learning from my mistakes and seeing how much work and sacrifice it takes to achieve something.

It was year full of ups and downs and special year when I found myself on point of pure confusion and desperation. But in moments like these, when it takes a lot of courage to face your inner being to find peace, I see how important it is to take time for yourself and prioritize things that matters. Another thing I learned, but still, didn’t follow enough that rule – do things that make you happy. Yes, I know it sounds cliché, but once again I was doing things that didn’t bring me any joy or satisfaction at the end of the day. I prioritized activities that meant very little to me, instead I was trying to hard to please someone else. So this year I created quite daring bucket list, which will remain secret for now. However, aim of that bucket list is to  make 2017 year of adventurous and full of great memories.

But before I fully start creating memories of 2017, lets reflect on memories from 2016. On January 1st 2016 I started a special project called 366 moments. Every day I posted one photo taken that day. My plan was to capture special, funny, meaningful or just random pretty moment of my day. And it is the best thing that I did this year. I created an archive full of memories. It’s amazing that when I look at certain photo, full story behind it reveals. I can now remember people, places, emotions and events that happened at that moment when photo was captured. Today I want to remember my favourite and most important parts of 2016. You can see all 366 moments HERE

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Big part of my life this year has been track & field. In late 2015 I started training, and in January I had my first competition and after that one many more. Some were good, other were bad. However I learned that things like these don’t come easy. It takes a lot of work, many hours of training, injuries and motivation to achieve your best.

But even better, I found the best training buddies. I am beyond thankful for these two. Trainings are so much easier and joyful. They are true moral support as well as friends I can talk to, laugh with, and of course, gossip with hehe. Thank you Laura and Spela for all the cool memories and all awesome moments to come!

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I love running! Since I ran my first 10km in October 2015, my new goal for this year was to run half marathon. I started 12-week program in August. I was running 5 times per week, I was motivated and I was enjoying every run, especially those sunsets runs and runs where my mom was cycling next to me. I was discovering new paths, roads and I was feeling very adventurous. Until I had to quit the program for the sake of my own health. I got terrible knee pain and if I wanted to run at all, I had to quit the program and have a good rest, which I was declining. However I did signed up for 10km. I ran alongside with my best friends and amazing athlete Mia. I set my new personal best of 50:20 and had many reasons to smile that day.

#Fashion show

For the second time, I decided to present my designs on school’s fashion show. I was sewing and working like crazy days before the show. Decision of doing few new pieces from scratch was risky, but at the end I had nothing to regret. I am grateful to have friends to advise me and help me with making collection like this. At the end I was happy to present 3 looks.

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#Lace making – I made my first lace with traditional lace-making technique. I adore and respect history and culture of beautiful lace coming from Idria.

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#Climbing – I learned how to climb and found out that climbing is so much fun. It’s activity where you have to think but also use your strength and flexibility. It’s like meditation in motion. Climbing with friends is already on my bucket list for 2017

#Nature – once again mother nature blessed us with many beautiful sunsets, blooming trees, silent rain, magnificent colours and tons of flowers. But then again shocked us with snow in the middle of May. However, I love you nature.

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This is my brother – weird as the snow in the middle of May

#My Brother Matjaz– Thanks to the most loyal model of this project. He always helped me if I needed an assistant. He was on total of 25 photos. He is just so sweet and cute. You can’t deny that. Here is a cute photo of him.

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#Mia – she is an amazing friend, the best schoolmate and absolute badass. She is the one person I ask for help, talk about anything with her, make jokes with her, laugh with her, break rules with her, complain with her about school, people and things and just have an amazing time with her. She has also been one of the person/models I asked to pose for my photos. Her  iconic pose was simple mysterious look to side. Thank you!

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This moment was caught in pit of despair. This photo is perfect representation of our desperation, exhaustion and feelings before winter break. We just want to lay dow and get some sleep!

#Friends – there is no greater thing on this world than people who are your life. I don’t know what would I do without them. But one thing is for sure. I wouldn’t be what I am today if there were no people I can call friends. Thank you for being, and thank you for lifetime of memories!

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Thank you 2016 for all the lessons and great memories! Here is to amazing year 2017!

Spread love, Maja!


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