Dose of Motivation

There are days, and I’m sure many of you can relate to, when some days, I get very excited, motivated about the day ahead of me, plan the whole day, but then I’m not in the right mood to start doing anything at all and then my plan is nothing more than one big failure.

These are days when I procrastinate like a master. I avoid doing things and don’t want to even hear about them. This is the time when I usually scroll trough social media. I am watching people actually doing stuff. Sketching a new design, making ceramics, editing documentaries, shooting editorials, doing yoga, writing, sewing or other useful and cool stuff. And then there I am. Lying around, doing nothing when I could be doing things that I should/ would like to /must do.

I have this feeling, where I judge myself for being lazy, for constantly procrastinating.  Feeling guilty, gives me that necessary push that gets me to the point where I actually make things happen.

Watching ambitious, hard-working people that I can look up to, is something that has always motivated me to do things. It doesn’t matter if this is someone I know in person or someone I know through social media. Watching and admiring other people, their stories and their work have always encouraged me to think of different ideas, to put all the hard work in what I believe, to never give up on myself and my skills. And after all – to be kind. That’s why it’s so important in everyday life to turn to people that you can look up to. The ones that give you a daily dose of motivation.

Now I can’t go on without mentioning my main two humans from internet web, providing me a daily dose of motivation. First one is the amazing Casey Neistat. His storytelling and unique style of video making put him far away from average. He is a great example of hard work and dedication. And second one is smiley Sarah Dietschy rhymes with peachy), whose creativity, joy and original work inspire me, every time I watch one of her videos. Her documentary series Creative Spaces TV is real food for any creative soul out there.

I can still remember, when I was watching one of her snapchat story and she said with that joyful voice of hers “ Be productive today, go kill it!! Okay bye!” I dropped my phone because motivation just hit the peak. This energy and excitement of her made me want to be like her. I want to taste all the happiness and excitement when things get done.

Whatever you’re doing or want to do, start today, because that’s the most appropriate time. Keep your goals and aspirations high, so maybe one day, you’ll be the one inspiring and motivating others.

Also thanks to Anja, for these pictures from that one day. The day I can call productive one.

Spread love, Maja!





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