City of Mostar

As the continuation of my previous post, today I’m posting about another city that we visited during our family trip. This was old city of Mostar with its main attraction – Old bridge.

Mostar – City located in Bosnia and Hercegovina, build around Neretva river is something really special. Not only the old street and stunning bridge, but also people and history of this place that started its story long time ago.

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We went there with no guidance and just a little knowledge about this place. But just by walking trough the street, reading some signs and listening to tourist guide of one of the many asian tourist group, you hear and learn a lot of new things. And with that, one fact at the time, story of this beautiful city slowly starts to reveal.

Old part of the city is full of rich ancient architecture, which is considered as the most exceptional pieces of Islamic architecture in the Balkans. But the main landmark is of course Old Bride. Rising 20 meters above the water, bridge was built in 16th century by Ottomans. It proudly stood and connected the city for 427 years, until it was destroyed in 1993 during Croat-Bosniak War. It took more than 60 shells, before ancient bride collapsed into the waves of Neretva. This collapse was marked as ‘killing the memory’, as they deliberately destroyed sign of peaceful co-existence and cultural heritage, which Old Bridge definitely is. It was reconstructed and reopened in 2004. But the street is very much alive reminder of what happened here.  Buildings are covered in bullet holes, some of them are still under reconstruction, other are just left there damaged, waiting to become pile of stones. In the corners of houses, there are small, engraved stones that only say two words: Don’t forget. And I also read the sign that said: Don’t forget but forever forgive. And then my curiosity led me to research all of the things that happened here. And then everything gets its own meaning. If you would like to know more, read this page to learn just a fraction of what Mostar’s history really is. It’s the deeper understanding of the city that make understand people’s life now and then. And when you visit the city, it enable you to see the city from the most accurate perspective.

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Personally this was the best part of our trip. And the research afterward really gave me the inside of what was happening here. Things we should never forget. Rather learn from them. And this time especially I want to say

Spread love, Maja

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The old street is a special part of the city too. Although, street is flooded with tourist, there are so many lovely things your eye can catch. The first thing you see when you step into the street, are small shops – one next to another. Beautiful road that leads us trough narrow street covered with carefully assembled stone. Along this street there are small local shops that can offer you almost anything. Many souvenirs, unique handmade jewellery, colourful glass lights, typical copper dish for coffee, handmade tablecloths, carpets, vintage furniture, metal products and much more.

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Dont forget but forever forgive

2 thoughts on “City of Mostar

    1. Maja Gazvoda says:

      It’s really amazing. And this is just a little part of the main street. It’s very vibrant, joyful and colorful. It was a bit cloudy, but still didn’t affect our experience there. Have fun, nature there is really stunning!

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