One year down!

Last week I checked my notebook, that has been on my desk, patently waiting for ideas. But I was looking for a date. And when I saw it, I immediately opened my computer and started writing. I said: “You’ve got 4 days to focus, sum up your impressions, thoughts, memories, plans, whatever. Just write down something. I think it’s worth remembering one year”

I almost can’t believe it, it’s been a year. A weird one and not the best. On July 22nd 2015 I posted my first blog post. Today my blog is officially one year old. Yey! That’s how I started, and I was genuinely happy. I can remember searching, learning about blogging, WordPress, editing, writing, creating. I was highly motivated and I believed one post per week shouldn’t be that difficult. But I was soooo wrong. It was summer when I started my blog. This is the time when anything seems possible and realizable. I had all the time in the word for myself. Plan was clear. Even with school starting, most of the things were going smooth. I was keeping up with my posts, I was doing well in school, I started training track & field – high jump in specific (which is still a new thing to me) and I was taking some others extracurricular activities. But above all these activities, I’ve made promise(s) to myself and to my readers. I didn’t keep any of them. I quit before even passing starting line.

On this point right now, I don’t know what is the right reason for me not posting regular. At least once a month – that would work, right? Nope. I was gone like I was buried.

I have people who support me and people that I can work with. In 7 months so many things, that I could build a beautiful story around it, happened. But I didn’t post a single thing. Usually when an idea with some potential for a good blog post or photos appeared, I rejected it in my head straight away. I found an excuse for not doing it, I wasn’t organised at all. Somewhere in the middle I didn’t know what my focus or intention is. Those were some dark days.

But after all this time of absence from blogging, I learned some very important lessons.

First. I think the most important one. At the beginning of everything I somehow overlooked just how hard this blog thing really is. So many articles were creating an image of blogging looking very comfortable and easy. I was going in not knowing what it takes to be consistent, quality, creative, content creator. But now, at least I know that it takes a lot of time, sacrifice, and a lot of hard work, to make things happen. I must keep remembering myself that THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE EASY. This is not the comfort zone!!  Read it thousand times. Don’t ever forget that!

Second. I learned many benefits of being consistent. Not just the obvious one that benefits the blog quality, but the other one that is part of my personal growth. Being consistent means responsibility towards your promises. It means developing a sense of organisation. I would like to put it this way. With a great plan comes a balance of life. How does it sound? Anyway. I learned, that with not pushing myself to do things even when I didn’t feel like doing anything, I lose a sense of obligation. I was okay with not posting. One time I was thinking to myself, that nobody cares anyway. I was wrong. I have people who were wondering what happened to my blog. Even if only two people asked me about it. I felt a need to return back to the beginning. Redefine my blog and start a new way, this time with lessons in my head.

Third. Probably the most important for any work you do. Have fun, enjoy any work you do!! Anything beside that is time wasted. I would like to quote a photographer I follow on fb. “When it’s time for hard work? When we’re old or young? Is youth really only about enjoyment? When your work is joy, when you love what you do, then there is really only one answer…”

Damn.It feels good to write down something after 7 months. Hope it wasn’t too much. But it was too long. I have so more things to write/discuss. But let’s leave this for another time.

Congratulation if you made it this far. You deserve something. Clap-Clap. A smile. A trophy that I don’t own. Anyway. Here are some pictures that don’t fit anywhere and were taken quite some time ago. But I like them. And I like the person I created them with. She cared about me, when things didn’t seem so clear. She’s kind of cool.

Ok bye. And don’t forget…

Spread love, Maja

Cought in a sun beam

Cought in a sun beam

Cought in a sun beam





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