Best of 2015

First, I want to take the opportunity and wish all of you Happy New Year. I wish you a lot of happiness, positivity and peace. I hope that every time you’re down and sad, there will always be few words of motivation, or even better, a loved person next to you, to help you cope through tough times. I wish you a lot of smiles, unforgettable moments without any regrets. Be bold, write your own story. Don’t let others to hurt you with their words. Express yourself in words, melodies, pictures, movement. Always remember yourself to be the best version of yourself. And never ever give up. Remember that failure is just a piece of another successful story.

I have a piece of paper on my wall, with a quote by John Sinclair. It says, “Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo”. Funny how often some short sentences by wise people give me so much motivation. Just to say myself: “Finish this! Don’t be a quitter”.

Reflection of 2015

This year has been amazing. There has been a lot of things I experienced for the first time. Let me just highlight some of the best.

I got a chance to present some of my designs on school’s fashion show. Maybe not worth mentioning, but I got my Superstar sneakers by Adidas, and finally a good phone – One Plus Two. Call me materialist, but I can’t explain how excited I was for both of them. I also travelled to Florence with my classmates. And then there was an epic summer and I also wrote whole article about it. I ran my best 10 km with my lovely cousin. Visited a lot of new places with my family. But this is just a fraction of it.

I believe 2016 is going to be an amazing year and it’s going to be BIG! I’m stepping into this year confident, yet with a little fear aside. I have no resolutions whatsoever. But I do have some near future plans and fresh ideas for my blog. I also started project where I will be sharing one moment each day for 366 days. You can follow this project here.

To finally close year 2015 and say last goodbye, I would like to share the best-captured moments of 2015. With getting new camera in April, I started to capture the beauty of everyday. That’s how I (almost) got the full picture of 2015. But I know the picture of 2016 is going to be full, vibrant and hopefully, joyful. Scroll down and see my favourite photos that were taken through this year.

best of 2015-2

best of 2015-4

best of 2015-15

best of 2015-16

best of 2015-17

best of 2015-7

best of 2015-11

I must thank spring for being so beautiful and generous with all the flowers that surrounded and inspired me this year.

best of 2015-5

best of 2015-6

Visit of Florence, Pisa and their luxurious architecture was amazing 3 day experience and a blast for my Nikon. I got home with over 700 photos.

best of 2015-13

best of 2015-22

best of 2015-1-3

best of 2015-25

I seek for interesting compositions, satisfying perfection, interesting objects and movement. Feel thy dynamic, peace and joy. Those are my favourites at first sight.

best of 2015-10

best of 2015-9

best of 2015-21

best of 2015-14

Black and white picture is in a way so emotional and expressive. Just a look at it and so many thoughts sourround you. Splash of emotion and moment of deeper meaning. That’s why black and white creative picture stays my favourite.


the blue jacket-32

And for the end thank you Urša and Špela who contributed to this blog. Thank you for your photography skills, friendship and creativity.

Spread love, Maja!





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