My colourful autumn plate

When I come home, the one thing I am looking forward to the most, is a big glass of smoothie. The best ones are made by my grandmother, that are always ready when I come home. Actually the only electric machine she knows how to use is smoothie maker. Yes, I do have an amazing grandmother that gives me smile every day.

That kind of treats has been my favourite lately. I am happy with a bowl of oats with fruit and seeds at home, watching Casey Neistat’s vlogs or just with an apple in my bag to get some boost of energy during breaks. Ultimate treat.

From my experiences, I can tell that once you get a sense of healthy eating habits, you feel more energised, motivated to make the most out of the day. I started by eating fresh, home made, colourful and diverse food. I am not picky person anyway. And all that facts and knowledge about food I got from school, magazines, internet is a very good way to constantly improve my recepies for my treats and meals.

In the following pictures, I tried to gather some of my essentials, when it comes to making smoothie or some sort of fruit bowl. And because of this season, that has so much tasty ingredients to offer, I picked my favourite fruit from our garden and it happened. This beautiful autumn colour palette.

autumn healthy meal-5

autumn healthy meal-6

Apple & Kaki

Both are full of health benefits. It’s good managing with diabetes, maintain liver and heart healthy, great source of quick energy, reduces high blood pressure and strengthens immunity, preventing colds and flues. Especially kaki maintains healthy skin, improve production of red blood cells, and improves vision. It’s also rich with anti-oxidants, detoxifies your body and maintain healthy digestive system. As for apples, we all know one apple a day keeps the doctor away. It’s a natural specialist in preventing all sorts of disease like Alzheimer and Parkinson, it also decrease cancer risk, reduce cholesterol, whiten yellow teeth, nourishes hair and keep skin glowing.

So if you have any of these to near you, pick it up and bite it. You know it’s good.

autumn healthy meal-2

autumn healthy meal-17


Seeds are on the top of this list. Not much of them are needed to make your super meal filled with all the necessary energy and health benefits that comes with them. I use flax seeds and chia seeds. And since I am the only one in the family that use them, my supplies are big.

I might become repetitive, but I must let you know all these benefits, I discovered while researching.

Flax seeds are little treasures full of magnesium, iron, B – vitamins, omega-3. I adore these because they fire up metabolism, burns fat, help regulate blood sugar, meaning when blood sugar is under control (not spiking up and down) it’s easier to lose weight and decrease fat.

But my latest favourite would have to be chia seeds. I can’t describe how much I love them. And after I found out all the benefits of them, I said eternal YES to chia seeds. They are hiding five times more calcium than milk. They are also great with normalizing blood sugar levels; they are gluten free, rich with anti-oxidants. Chia seeds are great source of proteins, that give sustainable energy throughout the day. They have no flavour, but always magnify the taste of what they’re added to. Just one tea spoon of chia seeds(15g) per day, helps with weight loss. The seeds can absorb up to twelve times their weight in liquid. Seeds convert to gel-like substance in the tummy which expands to create a feeling of fullness.

autumn healthy meal-13


To my oats based meal, I also like to add a cinnamon, some chocolate, other mixed seeds. And here it is in all it’s simplicity.


autumn healthy meal-21

autumn healthy meal-20

This was a short list of some of my favourite “superfoods” I include in my meals. I try to promote healthy eating habits, but it’s up to you if you choose to live in this way. I decided to share some of these health benefits I got to know, while doing some researches that I was amazed at. I try my best at this atempt of living healthy. But healty lifestyle is much more than that. It takes good workout programe, healthy food and many more positive thoughts. But once you start, body & mind are grateful.

Spread love, Maja



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