The Jacket – Fashion design of the month

First thing I owe you an honest apology. It has been two months since I published post, in which I said that every month, starting with September, I would be presenting a new piece made by myself. Jacket was finished in early September. Whatever I would say next, would be just stupid excuses on why I didn’t keep a promise (And I conclude you’re not here to read this stupid nonsense). Instead of that I will try to do better next time and always keep in mind to learn from past experiences.

I present to you: The Jacket. This is a piece in which I put the most effort so far and I am genuinely proud of it, despite some imperfections that could be seen through the eyes of the expert. Here on blog I gave you only visual content. But is much more than that. It’s a piece with a lot of effort and story behind it.

Let me tell you my story behind this jacket. First thing: idea. When my aunt asked me where I got the idea, I actually didn’t know. And after some thoughts I realised the idea is based completely on my admiration for baroque art and basic simplicity. The pattern is simple, black baroque inspired details are those that give jacket the real value. I draw these on corners and back of my notebooks.



Each shape is simple, yet unique, made one at a time. Rounded arches which are finishing in semi circle, longer serrate leafs, leafs in pairs – one smaller, other bigger and simple circles filling empty gaps between other shapes. It was a real deal making each detail. Over 13 hours of work was spent, just to create black baroque inspired details. And it was another thing that took me a lot of time while making this jacket. A composition. At first I thought it would be simple, but I was far away from that. I had to create a beautiful composition with simple shapes that would give impression of richness and connectivity. Shapes had to lightly flow and connect with each other to create one final integral whole. It took a lot of time, pinning and unpinning, constantly trying new combinations just to satisfy my eye.

As for the final result, I can say I am extremely satisfied and proud. It was a challenge for me. I consider this new level in my creation process, that took a lot of patience and technical knowledge. I kind of feel one step closer to couture. Far away, but still one-step closer. Ready to learn more, to improve.

I must say thanks go to my dear aunt for her support, advices and help with this jacket. And also thanks to my cousin who gave me enough motivation in one sentence to work and finish this jacket.

And meanwhile I work on my next piece for Fashion design of the month, which is already in the making and this time hopefully won’t be late on the blog, stay positive, smile more and be kind.

Spread love, Maja

the blue jacket-7

the blue jacket-21

the blue jacket-10

the blue jacket-12

the blue jacket-13     the blue jacket-17

the blue jacket-19

the blue jacket-30

Photos by Špela Skubic


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