Back to the Beauty land

It’s cold again. Mixture of mesmerizing yellow, brown and orange covered all the land and magic of the season started. And for complete perfection, there comes pretty sunshine. The sun that feels like a blessing every time when it snuggle out of the morning fog.

But there are then days when it seem that rain doesn’t seem to back off anytime soon. This is the moment when all I want is a little bit of sunshine. For a good run, at least. I wish for sunny places, valleys that seemed like I entered a wonderland, raw nature, good company and a lot of time to clear my minds. All this in one package. But all I am left with is a memory. And of course a lot of photos.

Whenever I go through my camera’s gallery I always stop at the beginning of the september. Those three lovely days. We were in a mountains surrounded by beauty. And even if this was almost two months ago, beauty stays. And so does memories within.

I was so excited to share those pictures, but never got a right time to share them. And it doesn’t really matter because it’s always right time to share some beautiful photos that can make your day better. And it’s also good to remember all who took part in this amazing three-day trip. To recall how awesome, sometimes a little bit exhausting, hiking is.

mountain tour-2

mountain tour-22


mountain tour-4

mountain tour-6

mountain tour-7

mountain tour-8

mountain tour-15

First day it was lake Bohinj, then ascent to Komna. Along side with beautiful weather it was magic. Other way said, it was worth it. Because not everywhere at anytime you get a chance to be woken by a sun, first thing at the morning. And who knew that three-hour hike would take us to a valley that literally looks like you’ve just entered a wonderland.

mountain tour-11

mountain tour-9

mountain tour-12


mountain tour-14

mountain tour-16

mountain tour-17

mountain tour-18

But we didn’t come here just to see lakes and quite bad mountain hut. We came there to see all of it at once with its extended area from 2071 meters. That’s why we didn’t gave up. We climbed, we were complaining but at the end it was worth it. Mala Tičarica was the highlight of our journey.

And if you, reading this, haven’t already visited mountains, please do, because it’s a special pearl of nature and pictures are nothing in comparison with actually being there. Once agin it’s WORTH IT!

Spread love, Maja

mountain tour-19

mountain tour-21

mountain tour-20


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