Making of The Selfie

Selfie. By now it has become such a normal word that eventually blended with all other words in our everyday vocabulary. If you like it or not, society embraced the word and all of the madness that came with it. In such a short time it became a hit. It got its own place in the dictionary, there’s song about it, guides to the perfect selfie, one of the must-do things on every event and by now, millions and millions photos are tagged with the word selfie. There are few people to whom it’s so natural to raise up their long arm, or even better – a stick, and take a shocking or funny or terrifying picture of their face. There are true existing masters of selfies. Some make money out of their faces. But on the other hand, I can tell you with no shame, how bad I am in making selfies. For a long time I didn’t have a phone capable of taking a good shots neither with front or back camera. And I assume that has been a period that result (now when I have a good phone) as the fact I get terrified of my own face every time front camera turns on.

But however I still manage to find satisfactions in process of making selfies. Some might say I’m a creepy person with Nikon camera stalking on random people (a brief half – true description of me). Especially while travelling I find such a joy in watching other people in doing some of the most random things that escalates from creepy to beautiful, from amazing to stupid. And please say I’m not guilty of anything if I take some of these each for itself magical moments of random people. Because by now, when my camera is filled with pictures, I’m sure I could make, maybe not an exhibition, but for sure a decent photo collection of these photos. Definitely the most popular motive (talking from perspective of a photographer) right now would be people taking selfies, or as I call it “Making of The selfie”. I’m talking group shots, lonely souls, weird faces, selfie sticks and a lot of people trying to get into a tiny little frame of probably bad phone’s front camera in general.

From many places, and various trips, I now present to you my collection of people making selfies. Enjoy and let the pictures speaks for themselves, revealing each a different purpose for making that selfie that you can probably find it on social media.

Spread love, Maja

making of selfie-8


making of selfie-6

making of selfie-4

making of selfie-3

making of selfie



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