Little celebration cake

It was my 16th birthday almost a week ago and I didn’t plan party or anything for that occasion. However, that day I said to a lot of people, I’m going to make myself a cake.

It was a sudden wish. But there was no cake on my birthday. I was tight on time on Friday, had a lack of motivation on Saturday, spent beautiful day with family on Sunday, as a result things didn’t turned out just how I planned. But I said myself that it’s never too late to have a little celebration. So, I was feeling very in the mood for baking on Monday night. I was very determinate to make my wish come true, despite I should go to sleep and recharge.

I baked two little cakes based on the most basic recipe for biscuit. All other layers can be whatever you like. (Of course sometimes some baking sense comes in handy too.) I decided to have vanilla pudding as second layer and cream with blueberries as fourth layer. A beautiful five-layered cutie exceeded all expectation. I didn’t even know I was good in baking anything else but muffins. A little cake poured with sweet strawberry – raspberry topping, turned out as perfect dessert for sunny afternoon. On that day it seemed like everyone has been celebrating something. Or at least they were happy about something.

On that note, I tell you that even if you’re not celebrating anything make an excuse to bake a cake. There are plenty of them. Do it for the sake of the sunny day, because you never know when will autumn show its cold side. Also, don’t forget to share the joy. Share the sweetness that you made.

And if you’re now saying you can’t bake a little basic cake, believe me you’re wrong. You can bake. Or at least we try and learn. Other way said with words of my mother: “ We’re learning the whole life, and we die stupid.”

Spread love, Maja

bluebery vanilla cake-8

bluebery vanilla cake-7

bluebery vanilla cake-10

bluebery vanilla cake-13

bluebery vanilla cake-16

bluebery vanilla cake-23

bluebery vanilla cake-24

bluebery vanilla cake-27

bluebery vanilla cake-26


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