Autumn vibes

Here we go again. Autumn is back. It’s amazing how year turns around so fast. Few months ago I was admiring threes turning green and everything was so beautiful and alive again. Warmth of the city and all of its colours make city more likable and all of a sudden people doesn’t seem so sad anymore. But don’t get too much into pretty words. It’s that time of the year again when we have to pick between thin blouse and thick jacket but none of them is good for all day. And we also get very frustrated when rain comes across and the only thing we need is umbrella and usually that’s the only thing we don’t have.

But with autumn we welcome new things to be excited about. Upcoming fashion month will be making me smile every day. I will be following journeys of fashion divas, trends of fashion masters and just having pure pleasure tasting all the new stuff that talented minds across four fashion capitals prepared for us. I am excited about having a great book in my hands reading it in my bed surrounded with cosy pillows and covered in blankets a.k.a pre-winter comfort. I’ll take advantage of kind-of-cool weather and go for a good run. And also…. high school round two has just begun.

I also happened to be very excited for new school year, because this time I’ll aim for better organisation. Managing time is not my best virtue and changing that, benefit many things in my day.  When this blog will be updated twice a week and I’ll be successfully handling school stuff, that’s the point when I’ll know some things has changed. In expectation of changes I think many things will happen along. I have feeling that in one year some very exciting things will happen. I can’t say big, but interesting will be good for now. That’s why I know autumn is right time to be excited about! Let me know in the comments what are you excited about!

And lastly, to take advantage of beautiful sunny day, I decided to take both of my cameras and create a little autumn inspired photos. I must admit, that with every picture, I discover big talents that my small camera hides in its small case. I am talking about my dear Nikon that will be travelling with me next three days in mountains. Who knows what beauty we’ll capture and show when we get back.(Damn, I make a great team with my Nikon).

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I hope to be back to blog as soon as possible.

Spread love, Majamaja-gazvoda-33



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