My summer postcard

As students, every year we get two months just for ourselves. Other way said, we get two months of beautiful sunny days, bunch of opportunities, new adventures, discoveries, fun moments and a lot of time for making memories. When I look back to previous summer breaks it felt more like I’ve been just sitting all around and never gave myself that hit of an adrenaline. This year I decide to do it different way. All I wanted is to bring precious memory in every day. And the most important lesson I got on the way is that not much is needed in order to make day perfect. When I now look back at those two months, so many things happened. At the end there is no need for me to complain about going back to school, because while I’m writing this I can now see how beautiful all 68 days were and how much I am grateful for the amazing opportunities I got and how much I’ve learned from them.

With my loyal companion – Nikon camera, I was able to create my visual story. Long story cut short, this is my summer postcard.

It all started with a travelling. Total of three days, four countries visited and countless memories made. With amazing companions I’ve seen some interesting and diverse places. I also discovered that I am so lucky for living where I am, because misery was hidden from us, until we visited some southern countries. We became aware of what we have and learned to appreciate it more. Because some things that we have in everyday life are somewhere else (maybe not far away from you) considered as luxury. But we only realise that when we see it with our own eyes.






And so it continued with some more amazing days. 13 people made my week so sweet, funny and unforgettable. For five days they were my constant laughter and important lesson.(Don’t try to impress other people. People fall in love with your true personality, not with your fake acting skills, impersonating a perfect person). Also, I never thought any of them would ever like me. But they did. And I adore them. Can’t wait for another summer to do this again, side by side.


Mayor thing happened and time for small things came. It was like checking off things from my imaginary bucket list.

I was listening to good music while sewing on rhythm of my playlist. I was patiently sewing pearls. I was picking up some flowers and taking pictures of them. I was running some kilometres and also run my first 10 km. When I felt like doing yoga I did some yoga. I was watching sun slowly rising from the hills at the morning and watching sun set from new roof of our hayrack. I was listening to beautiful sound of raindrops hitting our roof. I was watching shooting stars. I was eating delicious breakfasts. Sometimes I would feel more like American and eat thick pancakes or be more like Japanese and eat sushi. I didn’t read any books and rather watch movies in a row till 3 am. I checked if ocean is still salty. I had a party with my friends, ride a bike with them and had a sleepover. I jumped on a trampoline, jumped in a cold river. I had so much fun on a swing, doing all possible tricks with my cousin and filmed them with a Go Pro on my feet. I was admiring lake Bohinj from 1535 meters. I hiked some hills and had some blisters. I was vegan for a week. And finally the best thing – I designed my blog and created that page you’re reading these lines from.





And even if this doesn’t have any sense, my summer had. I was smiling, treating myself with little things. And if you think you’re summer was wasted, look back at those little things and you will see there’s nothing to regret. Now back to books, because it’s worth working for another epic summertime

I wish you an amazing start of new school year!

Spread love, Maja!


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