What do you want to be?

What do you want to be? Are you familiar with that question? I’m sure we all are. When we were little we said with that voice full of joy: “I want to be a doctor!” or “I want to be a teacher!” It seemed like there was a list of jobs we all picked out of. I can’t remember what I said. I was never into something that specific, that there would be school for, any near. That is one of the reasons why one year ago I picked gymnasium as my high school. I got myself four more years to learn and then with confident decide what is going to be my next step – What I want to do. But one thing really got on my way this summer and this was the reason for writing that article.

There was couple of visits last month – mostly parent’s friends. And whenever they run out of topics to talk about, there was always that question for me: “Maja, where are you going after gymnasium? Are you thinking about it?” And I always replied with – I don’t know exactly. One day I really brought that topic in my minds and asked myself if I really don’t know what I want to do in life? And after a while I came to a very clear conclusion, typical for me.

It is fear again. I know what I want to do in life. I am already doing what I love and I want to do that in future. It’s still hard to say because it sounds weird. But let’s just do it. I am 100% sure I want to work in fashion. There are so many options to be surrounded by fashion. But I really want to be involved in creation process of making clothes. I want to transform ideas that come from paper into something visually so attractive no one can resist wearing it. I do some little work on my own already. It feels so great in every way. No matter how much hours of work goes into one piece, I still wear that MY piece with more passion and pride, than any other T-shirt bought from shelves of H&M stores. And I sometimes wonder, maybe some people want to wear other different clothes in knowing who’s idea and work that is.

Again fear was the reason I never told that to anyone. I pushed it deep and felt more comfortable with saying, “I don’t know yet” to the most popular question this summer mentioned above. I also figured out I wasn’t just scared admitting it to others; I was also scared admitting it to myself. I was worried what others reaction will be. Because that kind of job is not on a list of traditional jobs our parents want us to get. They, including me, don’t even know a single person that would be working professional in fashion. But I overcome my fear when I allowed myself to see how much support I get from my friends and family – basically people I care about. I consider that as my start of creating a job that will bring joy in me.

It is just a period of time every person needs to find out what to do in life and after that everyone must face fears. And when time passes, we find out most things are based on our minds. We decide what are going to be our obstacles and if we’re going to break them or not.

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2 thoughts on “What do you want to be?

  1. Manca says:

    VAU, upam, da prav vsi ti kosi enkrat ugledajo luč sveta, ker že na papirju izgledajo čudovito. In vsekakor lahko prav ponosno vsem razložiš, kaj si želiš početi, ker tak talent je res zadnja stvar na svetu, ki bi jo morala skrivati. Je pa res to ena izmed najtežjih odločitev v življenju. Jaz še zdaj nisem sigurna, če sem izbrala prav. Predvsem zato, ker so vsi razočarani, ko jim povem … In vsakič se počutim bedno, ampak ne zase, ker bom to počela, pač pa za njih, ker imajo tako poniževalen pogled na učitelje. Toliko imajo za povedati čez njih, kako so nesposobni in kako so njihovi otroci že pametnejši od njih, hkrati pa sama vsakič dobim isti odgovor: “Ti za učiteljico? Pa tako pametna, lahko bi bila karkoli, zdravnica, odvetnica …” Kaj, a torej hočete neumne učitelje? Nikoli prav :). Zato je v bistvu tako, vsa leta potiho razmišljaš kaj bi bil, potem poveš, dobiš udarec, naslednjič vsakič odgovoriš z “ne vem še, kaj bi bil …”, na koncu pa prideš v četrti letnik in ugotoviš, da že ves čas veš, kaj si želiš biti, le da si se bal, kaj bodo rekli drugi. Ampak to boš celo življenje počel ti in ne tisti drugi. Zato razmišljaj predvsem to, kaj veseli tebe in če te bo to veselilo še naprej.

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