Six girls and their friendship

What would you say, if somebody would ask you:” What are three things; you would keep if you would lose everything else?” I don’t know what would be mine answer to previous question, but I certainly know what matters to me in life. There are many things I like, but somehow all replaceable. If I break my favourite cereal bowl, I can get another one. When flowers die, I go out and get another, prettier bouquet of flowers. But there are only two things I couldn’t live without and there isn’t place one Earth I could find replacement. Family and friends. These are couple people, I was raised with. They are part of me. How would you feel without part of your body? Would you feel pain? Would you be slowly sinking into oblivion? Would you feel dry emptiness inside and wet tears outside?                                                                 If you don’t know accurate answer for this, that mean you are lucky. I am lucky because I haven’t experienced that pain that comes with loneliness. I’ve been always surrounded with nice, loving people. And the aloneness now, it’s rather pleasant than harsh.

From time to time I think about values in life that really count. And I found friendship one of the most important things. I met five amazing girls that came into my life over 10 years ago. Because of them I’m a good person. Therefore I must thank each and every one of them.

Marija, Mia, Anja, Špela and Sara. This is my squad for life. High school mixed us. We went in different directions, but not even for a bit this has infected our friendship. In fact, it felt like in all years of school (schoolmates or not) we have never been apart. We have so many laughs and conversations together. We discover together, call ourselves stupid, argue too much about meaningless stuff, gossip, compete, but most importantly we support each other.

When we had our picnic/celebration of Anja’s 16,5th birthday, I realised something. We all work to reach our goals. I always think I don’t do enough what I love for my own satisfaction. When month goes past and year turn around, I look back and I almost can’t see something I would be really proud of. But when Anja had that speech at the party, she mentioned every single activity and achievement we reached in past year. And only then I realised how every single work done, is noticed. When she was talking, I finally saw what I did – I did good things and I did a lot of things. That’s why friends are for– to remind you how special you are in your own way. How talented you are. They are support while working and a living reminder when work is done.

Thank you for accepting my weirdness, supporting, teaching and thank you for existing, because when I’m with you, I’m not such a loser.

Spread love, Maja



















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