Les petits trésors – Old jewellery

Where to find treasures? If there is one place I’m sure you can always find something small, but yet so precious, that would be an old closet. I usually dig through my mom’s closet, but I get even more excited when I’m standing in front of grandmother’s closet. It’s amazing when you can explore old clothes and accessories of women that experienced previous decades and its fashion. And many times I consider myself lucky enough I can wear again some of those items. Sometimes with small retouches old pieces come back to life.

This time I gathered some pieces that got out of layers of dust and are now once again shining, this time in my caskets.

Pearls could be considered as eternal accessory. Coco Chanel once said, that woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls. We must admit, Karl is doing good job following this quote from season to season. But this pearl necklace in particular, was my mom’s gift to her mother. She bought it on her trip to Majorca 20 years ago. But despite years, this necklace doesn’t have any exciting stories behind it. It has always been that one piece in red casket, simply too good for any outfit or any occasion. It’s not the simple design that kept us from wearing it; it’s rather that first impression. It requires elegant and confident women to wear it.




Watches have changed the design during the time. It went in all possible directions to adjust personal style so everybody can now find watch, worth looking at. But if we look at old watches, one word to describe all of them is: simplicity. Back then watch was just for serving it purpose: showing what time is it. They kept it small, simple, choosing between two materials: gold and fabric. And by the excitement my cousin expressed for these watches, I can feel some fragments of this trend are coming back. Slowly, drop by drop.

Watches now, are no longer what they were before. Now this is luxury accessory (sometimes questioning if some people even use it for checking time), piece of technology, from time to time even a spy weapon.





Clip earings – They made it small, simple to use. With touch of a pearl they made it eternal. Maybe not the most chic earrings at the moment, but I belive these small treasures represent vintage jewellery and remind us about womans we now admire.




Spread love, Maja!


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