Afraid to start? Not anymore

During the time, I discovered so many things that are simply hard to do. (Well that’s surprising, isn’t it?). But as usual as it sounds, for me, writing about it was so exciting, especially because I want to highlight one thing. In fact I want to talk about thing that is ranking on my hard-to-do list very high.

Like first sentence in school essay or just this article. It’s always hard to start. Maybe because it’s the first point before creating something. Before something will happen. And if you think well, on that point depends how everything will continue. Whether is conversation, writing an article, baking process or anything else. But if you dig deeper and if you’re over thinking type of human, like me, it can get pretty tricky. I usually over think everything before the beginning, especially when creating something. I go trough all possibilities. Trough benefits and drawbacks, but sometimes I never reach the point of realisation. Where all the magic happens, where things come to life and give me measure of satisfaction. Here’s a catch. Things we don’t try, because we don’t see clearly how to do them, can grow into fears. That happened to me.

It happened when I was thinking about blog. Like I wrote in my first blog post, I was dealing with that decision quite a while. One day I was excited about it, next day scared and the other day I was left in doubts. And there were days I haven’t done anything. I don’t consider running a blog hard thing to do. It’s just that one moment, when you start whole thing. Just few click and I had my own link (so proud haha). It does sound very simple, but for Mind Factory that was a big process.

By starting this new experience, I learned a lesson one out of many more on this journey. If you don’t do it now, there are chances you will never do. It was just few clicks to start. And when I said hello to the world, I felt no regrets. Just pure joy.

I honestly don’t know possible solution for that kind of fear. But for start, I think it’s right to focus on direction, rather than the destination. Look for some courage and source of joy. I find mine in people around me. In things I’m passionate about.

We’re young. It’s now or never.                                                        Spread love, Maja

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4 thoughts on “Afraid to start? Not anymore

  1. Manca says:

    Lep blog, ga bom z veseljem brala :).
    Pisanje bloga je res love/hate relationship – v glavi je običajno milijon super idej, ki so v glavi že spisane v obliki objave za blog, pa vseeno nikoli ne ugledajo luč sveta. Jaz večkrat povem, da mi je bloganje prišlo tako v kri, da v glavi ves čas pišem blog, prav za vse, kar se mi zgodi. In ves čas se mi zdi, da imam toliko narejenega za blog, potem pa ugotovim, da že pol leta v resnici nisem nič napisala. Čudne stvari, ki jih lahko razumeš samo, če si bloger 🙂


  2. odd_soul (@odd_soul13) says:

    you are totally right and i know that feeling, when i have my quiet phases, its really hard to start or keep going a conversation, my mind just becomes blank and i cant come up with anything (not even a bad joke o_o), i didnt find a remedy for that yet, maybe one day ^^
    i am happy that you overcame your hurdles and started something new and kept going for such a long time, you can be proud of yourself 🙂

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