Hello world!

Hey! I’m Maja. I don’t know what way would be more appropriate to start my first article then saying hey! While listening to the quiet sound of my old computer, I’m writing those words and trying to start a new thing. Something to be known as new beginning. Maybe launching a blog doesn’t sound a special to-go-crazy thing to you, but for me that is a challenge. It is so strange that one can be so intimidated by a thing that you would like to do. Or maybe that’s just too strong word, and it would be better if I would describe this situation as fear of unknown. I was actually so in doubts while deciding about creating my blog, I was terrified just by thoughts in my head. But with time more and more people started to encourage me to create a platform, where pieces of my creations, some thoughts, snaps I take on my journey and all inspiring things in general, would be brought in front of more people then just my loved ones. Idea of sharing personal work, that excites you, has always been so attractive to me. I want to talk, to express myself in any way possible. And that’s why, after long time of over thinking, I finally put my plans and goals on paper, following it with words Nike T-shirt say: Just do it. Honestly, it took me a lot of time, but here I am ready to start that something I don’t have adjective for, yet. With these words said, I will end this with a promise. I will do my best to share quality content, interesting articles and always passionately develop this blog trough some new discoveries, doubts and challenges. I will search for a change and I’ll seek for a smile. Just a little smile will be my satisfaction and proof that I make good or at least have the inttention of making good things. Hey you! Hope to see you soon 😉

Spread love, Maja! maja-gazvoda-blogmaja-gazvoda-blog Photos by Urša Uhan


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